About Us

Vassilas and Associates is an independent financial service office that represents the interest of our clients. We have been serving MD, DC and VA for over 45 years and our main office is located in Rockville, MD. Vassilas and Associates is licensed with more than 350 companies which allows us to customize a plan for each and every client.

Our process is quick, painless and personalized. It only consists of two appointments. We will meet with a client anywhere including the comfort of their own home or our office. We will present to each client every option available based on their needs and together we will customize a plan. After we leave our appointment, we will search the entire industry to provide the client the best customized solution based on their request. We will then meet with the client one last time to deliver what we had promised, a customized plan to suit their needs.

We guarantee the client will always talk with someone in our office that will care and act as if they were part of our family. We only service our clients with the utmost respect and care that we show to our families. Our goal is to prove to our client by the last appointment, that we indeed treated them as family.

We look forward to working with you!